The Day

iOS App
Minimal art for mobile devices

The Day Timepiece is a stylish minimal dashboard that displays time and weather information from your location.. It provides a beautiful minimal colored interface that changes color depending on the hour providing a unique way of viewing time. Colored bars are used to represent hours, minutes, and seconds as well as the temperature of the day.


the day os mobile art app


You may be able to quickly get to know the time and temperature by quickly glancing at the colors during the day and the location of the bars. There is an option to show and hide time and weather details. This free app is in BETA and we are always looking for new ways to improve, so feel free to contact us with ideas and comments.

the day os mobile art app

the day os mobile art app

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S19 (Studio 19) was started in 1998, from a small group of highly creative and talented designers and developers. We design and development digital experiences for mobile devices.